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Ursula Baukol

Service Delivery Administrator

Our goal is to help small business achieve growth and bring them to the next level. We know that the backbone and driver of Americas’ strength, ingenuity, and future evolves from small enterprises.

Recognizing the value and contribution  small business brings to our society and economic advancement,  SCI has established the SB Development Program initiative. With the objective  of advancing growth potential  firms, SCI has dedicated resources to meet  that end through this program

It’s been a remarkable journey and now it’s time to give back to the community we were once part of. Built on decades of successfully navigating and winning  in the federal sector, SCI is poised to share it’s in-depth knowledge, expertise, and assistance.

Understanding our sectors’  dynamic environment , customer  needs, and challenges  we are seeking firms to work with  that will  enhance our offerings, distinguish us from the competition, and endear our team  in supporting our  client’s  successful  mission agenda.

Resources for Small Business Owners

SCI is dedicated to promoting the growth of small businesses, so as opportunities arise we provide links to helpful events, webinars and forums that offer valuable information for small business owners.


SCI, is a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise that started in 1983. As a graduate of the 8(a) program, SCI recognizes the unique challenges facing small businesses. We offer the opportunity to engage with our company through our Small Business Program, and through this relationship we foster solid business relationships, mentorship programs and business opportunities. If you are a small business and you are interested in becoming part of our Small Business Program, we ask that you submit the form below and a member of the SCI team will contact you to discuss further details. We look forward to working with you.

Seasoned. Capable. Innovative.

For 30 years, SCI has been a trusted partner and a contractor of choice for the U.S. Government. SCI delivers solutions, achieves objectives, and exceeds customer expectations, period.

Seasoned. Capable. Innovative.

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Small Business
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a Breakthrough
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Ursula Baukol

Service Delivery Administrator