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Team SCI provides qualified personnel, materials, facilities, equipment, instrumentation, methods and tools to the functional areas listed below. To clearly demonstrate the substantive depth and breadth that Team SCI brings to the Department of Homeland Security, we address directly relevant experience on important DHS programs as well as other contracts with functional requirements that correlate directly to EAGLE II – Functional Area 1 requirements.

Functional Areas

SCI is a DHS-focused contractor that is dedicated to DHS and all of its mission objectives, safeguarding our nation from danger, protecting our critical infrastructure, and strengthening our nations emergency response capabilities. As a active EAGLE I contractor and valued IT service provider to Federal agencies that support the Homeland Security mission SCI takes great pride in supporting the EAGLE II Functional Category 1, Service Delivery contract in the Unrestricted Track.

SCI has provided IT services to DHS and its predecessors – Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and US Customs fro over 25 years. Our excellent DHS service record is predicated on the delivery of performance as promised and the use of industry best practices. Our service record will extend to the EAGLE II program.

Below is list of SCI and its partner’s capabilities that will be offered in support of the EAGLE II program:

  • System Design
  • System Development
  • System Implementation
  • Concept Development
  • Planning
  • Application and Database Maintenance
  • Requirements Definition and Analysis
  • Wiring and cabling
  • System Integration
  • Software Design
  • Software Development
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Production
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Help Desk Operations
  • Field Support Services
  • LAN Administration
  • Network and Security Operations
  • Collaboration Services (e.g., Email, Voice, Video Services)

Seasoned. Capable. Innovative.

eagle II Team

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For 30 years, SCI has been a trusted partner and a contractor of choice for the U.S. Government. SCI delivers solutions, achieves objectives, and exceeds customer expectations, period.

Seasoned. Capable. Innovative.

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