Business system Modernization

SCI has the experience necessary to help you meet and exceed the presidential mandate to consolidate systems and find ways to harness available technology to build a new foundation of national security and efficiency. Our specialized systems migration and modernization services can take your operations to the next level.

  • Core Accounting System Support
    • Integrated IT Services
    • Complex System Management
    • Web-based and Mobile Applications
    • Disaster Recovery Planning
    • Critical Systems Oversight
    • Audit Remediation
  • Integration Management
    • Financial Applications
    • External Applications
    • Interface Creation and Management
    • Legacy Application Retirement
    • Virtual Environment Creation and Management
  • Tracking and Maintenance
    • Operational Oversight, IT Support
    • Sophisticated Transaction Tracking
    • Reduction of Hardware and Software Footprint
  • Oracle Exadata
    • Large Systems Integration
    • Comprehensive Oracle Federal Financials Support
    • Database Analysis, Enhancement and Maintenance
    • Service Management
  • Big Data
    • New Database Creation and Maintenance
    • Technical and Administration Support
    • IT Support for Data Analysis, Maintenance and Use
    • Data Modernization
    • Synchronization Monitoring
    • Production Database Cloning
    • Data Archiving and Retrieval
    • Data Aggregation and Predictive Analytics


Seasoned. Capable. Innovative.

Proven Experience . . .

SCI provides mission critical IT in support of the U. S. Coast Guard Financial Center Core Accounting System, integrating multiple financial applications and interfaces and supplying administration services for the Center’s Oracle Federal Financial databases.

SCI’s comprehensive support services played a crucial role in the U.S. Coast Guard transition from a legacy core accounting system to a new system, based on Oracle Federal Financials.

SCI is currently modernizing systems and operations for the Department of Energy, building a predictive analytics environment supporting end-state decisions, upgrading aging architecture and consolidating hardware platforms at the East Tennessee Technology Park, Oak Ridge.

SCI provides full life-cycle support for operationally focused automated information systems, deploying, configuring and maintaining more than 250 contractor, government and military personnel computer systems and managing eight mission critical DR databases.

SCI performs award-winning total security monitoring for Microsoft, Oracle, and UNIX server platforms, recently receiving NNSA Certificate of Appreciation for “exemplary and outstanding contributions in the development and deployment of the Enterprise Secure Network.”


For 30 years, SCI has been a trusted partner and a contractor of choice for the U.S. Government. SCI delivers solutions, achieves objectives, and exceeds customer expectations, period.

Seasoned. Capable. Innovative.

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Fairfax, VA 22030

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